Nika and Greg meet after a long time in Teenburg

July 5th, 2011 Author: tina

Getting back home, after her classes, Nika saw Greg, her old friend and her first secret crush. She never thought that she will see him in Teenburg, and she was so happy she invited him over to her house. It didn’t take long until Greg told her how much he liked her before she moved to Teenburg, since they were kids, and the situation started getting hotter, as they got closer to each other and started touching and kissing. Soon they were on her bed sweating and getting their satisfaction.

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Regina and Fossum in their teenburg romance

July 2nd, 2011 Author: tina

Fossum was in love with Regina for a while when he decided to go to her teenburg place and tell her his feelings. As soon she heard him, she was so happy, because she liked him a lot, and he made her horny every time she would look at him. Soon they were kissing and touching in her bed, but since they were both horny, the whole situation got much hotter that they thought. Regina sucked Fossum’s cock, and then she got the fuck of a day from her teenburg lover.

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Karolina and Kristof – couple screwing hard in the woods of Teenburg

December 30th, 2009 Author: tina

These two really can’t get enough of each other. Even when they go for a relaxing walk in the forest near Teenburg, the sexy young Karolina and Kristof are so horny that they are just waiting to find a nice secluded place where they can fuck unnoticed. Click here to watch the full movie!


20-2 20-3

They find one such place off the beaten track, hidden behind a big tree and they start undressing each other while kissing passionately. Once they are naked they jump into each other’s arms and join their bodies into one, fucking on the soft grass like our ancient ancestors did even before we invented a bed. Gain download privilidges to the full lenght video!

Jili and Sem fucking in the woods at Teenburg

November 25th, 2009 Author: tina

Jili and Sem are walking through the woods near Teenburg and like the teen town itself, these woods also cast a special spell on the teens that makes them incredibly horny all the time. As soon as they find a small clearing with some comfy grass they start grabbing and kissing without caring if someone is going to pass by. Click here to watch the full movie!


14-2 14-3

They are soon naked and Jili is stroking Sem’s cock and kissing his chest and stomach. They spread their clothes on the ground and sit on them with their limbs entwined. She moves her hips up and down swallowing his prick with her wet pussy. Get access to the hottest teen sex action here!

Iwona and Ioahim have some sensual sex at Teenburg

October 14th, 2009 Author: tina

Iwona is feeling the need for some sensual kissing and she wants her body caressed so she visits her lover Ioahim at his place. These Teenburg teens always have sex on their minds and Ioahim is quick to fulfill his lover’s wish. As soon as she comes in she jumps on the bed next to her man and starts teasing him with her sexy lips. Click here to watch the full movie!


7-2 7-3

They undress while kissing and he licks her perfect nipples making her extremely horny. She retorts by sucking on his thick pole and soon they are ready to join into one. They fuck passionately and he blasts her teen body with hot sperm. Get the members only high quality movie!


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