Nika and Greg are making their own teenburg video

July 20th, 2011 Author: tina

Doing many crazy things is so typical for these teenburg teens. They were friends since they were kids and know each other very well. Nika and Greg are crazy, horny teens from teenburg, and they are known as crazy enough to make a teenburg video of themselves having sex, and upload it to the Internet, so everyone can see. After plenty of pussy licking and cock sucking, the real thing started and made both of them, Nika and Greg moan loudly from pleasure.

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Regina and Fossum in hot teenburg video

June 15th, 2011 Author: tina

Teasing each other in their teenburg apartment, Regina and Fossum were so horny that it was obvious they will be exhausted when done with satisfying each others desires. First, Regina got down on her knees and started sucking Fossum’s cock, until it got hard and big enough to fill up every inch of her hungry pussy. Then she opened her legs wide open and let Fossum’s cock get inside her pussy, before she got on top of him, and gave him a wild teenburg ride he will remember forever.

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Zdenka has made a teenburg video with her two lovers

June 7th, 2011 Author: tina

Zdenka has her two teenburg lovers dedicated to pleasing her, over at her place, trying their best to wake her up gently and make her horny, because they know she likes to get a good fuck when wakes up. She likes Marushek and Gavrushek for their open minded attitude and because they are willing to share her, so they all get what they wanted- a lot of pleasure, and many orgasms. This teenburg video is all about them, pleasuring each other until they all cum.

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Valerij and Iveta enjoying their time together

September 8th, 2010 Author: tina

Now this is what teen years should be all about. It should be about hard, sweaty sex in which both of you gets spent and which leaves you unable to move. And there is no place like Teenburg to show you how it’s done. Teenburg videos are simply the finest teen sex videos ever filmed and they will show you how horny Euro teens do it. Take Valerij and Iveta, for example. They are young, beautiful and above all, extremely horny and ready for sex 24/7.

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20-2 20-3

Valerij is a real gentleman and he gets Iveta in the mood by burying his head between her legs and licking her pussy clean, making Iveta so horny that she cannot resist but take his fat cock and stuff her mouth full of it. She does a great Teenburg blowjob and she gets Valerij superhard. They then try out all the positions they can think off: doggystyle, sideways, him on top, her on top etc. And this variety is what makes this fantastic scene one of the finest Teenburg videos of all times.

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Kate and Sem are the wildest Teenburg couple ever

September 5th, 2010 Author: tina

Kate is one cheating bitch, but that doesn’t make this amazing Teenburg scene any less hot and steamy, on the contrary. Among all the Teenburg videos that she has done, this one is the best, probably because she feels so dirty that she is cheating on her boyfriend that she gets as horny and wild as she can. She uses all the charms of her beautiful face and her amazing body to make Sem as hard as he has ever been and fuck her like no other girl before.

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19-2 19-3

Before you can compose yourself from the shock of seeing Kate’s incredible body for the first time, Sem is already inside her, pounding her with her legs spread wide, enjoying his new Teenburg partner who turns out to be one wild girl. She soon gets bored with the position and she turns over, begging him to plow her doggystyle. And that is when this fantastic scene becomes one of the hottest Teenburg scenes ever. He pounds her so hard from behind that you think she will break.

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