Regina seduces Fossum in her Teenburg house

July 12th, 2011 Author: tina

Regina moved to Teenburg not so long ago, and her parents bought her a house there. She doesn’t know many people, just one teenburg guy named Fossum and couple more girls from her class. Fossum came to her house to check out if she is ok, and she realized that she has to taste his big cock, so she started seducing him. Fossum would never say no to such a sexy babe like Regina, so in a few moments they were fucking each others brains out.

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Regina and Fossum in their teenburg romance

July 2nd, 2011 Author: tina

Fossum was in love with Regina for a while when he decided to go to her teenburg place and tell her his feelings. As soon she heard him, she was so happy, because she liked him a lot, and he made her horny every time she would look at him. Soon they were kissing and touching in her bed, but since they were both horny, the whole situation got much hotter that they thought. Regina sucked Fossum’s cock, and then she got the fuck of a day from her teenburg lover.

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