Pafnutiy and Romana at Teenburg

March 27th, 2009 Author: tina

Romana gets home from her school early in Teenburg, and decides to hop and and surprise her boyfriend Pafnutiy. After he wasn’t answering the door bell she decided to go inside his house to find where her boy toy was hiding. The young teen girl found him in the shower stripped down and jacking off his dick! The Teenburg slut got horny at the sight in seconds and decided to jump in and join him! Watch as these two teen lovers get each other fondled up, grabbing at each others ass and dick while making out in the shower.

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Pafnutiy lifts up her small skirt and gets his hands in between her legs, finger banging her moist pink pussy. As the heat gets high and he starts removing her shirt to suck at her tiny bee stings, Ramona has a great idea to get fucked in the bedroom! Watch these two Teenburg amateurs get each other off as he penetrates her insides! Pafnutiy hits her teenburg g-spot right in the spot getting her screaming at a massive orgasm. Only then, he let’s lose of his own!

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