Miloslava is a true thing of beauty

July 31st, 2010 Author: tina

Miloslava is a cute teen girl who is truly one in a million and what is best, she is not shy at all. On the contrary, this sweet little brunette is the happiest when she features in some steamy Teenburg videos, be they incredible hardcore vids, or just passionate solo ones like this one. She got this orange outfit from her boyfriend and she decides to take it for a spin and film herself as she does, just to give him something in return.

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7-2 7-3

She starts things off by just frolicking on the bed and she soon feels to constrained by her clothes that there is no way she can keep it on any longer. She therefore slips out of that orange outfit and keeps only her striped socks on. Being a true Teenburg girl, she soon gets so horny that she starts touching her amazing natural tits as she gets her other hand closer and closer to her clit. Once she starts fingering and rubbing herself, you realize that this is one of the best Teenburg videos of all times.

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Teenburg teens Karolina and Botik being horny teens

July 28th, 2010 Author: tina

Karolina is one of Teenburg videos girls who sure knows how to make her boyfriend Botik mad with desire and incredibly aroused every time she shows him a bit of her creamy body. That body is truly worthy of Teenburg, as it is tight and smooth as only a teen girl’s body can be and her natural titties are so perky and her nipples are so hard that she could cut diamonds with them.

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6-2 6-3

This morning Karolina felt as horny as never before and it didn’t take her too long to get Botik rock-hard, and how could it with that amazing body of hers. Botik took the matter into his own hands and he spread this Teenburg hottie’s legs wide apart as he penetrated her smooth, pink slit. After a while, she got on top and gave him a wild ride worthy of Teenburg videos. Just as he was getting close to cumming she leapt away from him and he had to grab her and get her on the chair to finish the business. She may be a tease, but Botik is gonna get his.

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Valerij and Iveta have some very passionate teen sex

July 25th, 2010 Author: tina

Iveta has always been one of the horniest girls at Teenburg and in all her Teenburg videos you can see that she genuinely enjoys getting fucked and that she lives just to get her creamy, smooth pussy banged by a big dick. And she is really a pretty one, with silky skin and perky natural titties and with those pretty blue eyes and a smile that is just the cutest smile that could melt the coldest of hearts.

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5-2 5-3

She invites Valerij to her apartment and she promises him hard action worthy of Teenburg videos. As soon as they get inside, she drops on her knees and starts gulping his hard meat. She deepthroats that big dong and you can see her eyes water as she chokes on it. This gets Valerij so big and hard that he just has to have her and he gets her on all fours and takes her from behind. This Teenburg beauty loves doggystyle and Valerij really knows how to ram a girl from behind. In the end he gives her something special.

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Teenburg sensation with Miloslava and Tomas

July 22nd, 2010 Author: tina

Tomas has been on the receiving end of too many Teenburg videos in which this incredible beauty Miloslava teased him with her delicious body and her tasty pussy. This time, she took it too far as she started teasing him in her supershort skirt, wearing no panties underneath. This time Tomas got so aroused that he couldn’t take it and he gave this little Teenburg sweetie what she always cruised for.

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4-2 4-3

That smooth slit of Miloslava’s teased him so much that he just jumped for her pussy and gave her such an incredible pussy-munching that she was dripping wet in matter of minutes. And when he felt that this Teenburg videos star is nearing an orgasm, he pulled back and showed her how it feels to be teased. What he didn’t count on is that Miloslava is going to ram her smooth slit on his hard dick and ride him like a bronco. And that is exactly what happened. This cute Teenburg girl mounted him before he could do anything about it and she started impaling herself on that fat dick.

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Miloslava and Miroslav take a bath together

July 19th, 2010 Author: tina

Miroslav is one fortunate guy who happens to be the boyfriend of Miloslava, that insanely sexy and sweet young teen from Teenburg and he can have his way whenever he wishes. However, it is actually this Teenburg videos hottie that starts things off usually since she is just the horniest girl alive. See how she seduces Miroslav as they move into a new apartment that has a big bath tub that is just made for fucking.

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3-2 3-3

As soon as they take off their clothes and get into the bath, Miroslav spreads Miloslava’s smooth legs and dives into that nubile pussy of hers and laps it up like a pro. She then returns the favor and sucks him off Teenburg style. She then proves that she is a true Teenburg videos girl by taking that whole cock inside her, although it almost splits her tight body in half as Miroslav pounds her hard and deep. Miloslava impales herself on that hard dong as her natural titties bounce around. She slides up and down that hard shaft until they both cum.

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