Karolina and Kristof – couple screwing hard in the woods of Teenburg

December 30th, 2009 Author: tina

These two really can’t get enough of each other. Even when they go for a relaxing walk in the forest near Teenburg, the sexy young Karolina and Kristof are so horny that they are just waiting to find a nice secluded place where they can fuck unnoticed. Click here to watch the full movie!


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They find one such place off the beaten track, hidden behind a big tree and they start undressing each other while kissing passionately. Once they are naked they jump into each other’s arms and join their bodies into one, fucking on the soft grass like our ancient ancestors did even before we invented a bed. Gain download privilidges to the full lenght video!

Jujik and Zitinka fucked hard and on a tight leash at Teenburg

December 18th, 2009 Author: tina

Jujik came to Zitinka’s place in Teenburg to find her in front of her computer checking out some BDSM sites on the net. He was surprised but when she told him she gets wet from just the idea of being tied up and controlled, he got very horny. Download the HD quality video!


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She wanted to try it with him as they were such good friends and she trusted him. As he got into character he took a power cord from her laptop and wrapped it around her neck. This leash now allowed him to control her moves and direct her head toward his cock. JOIN NOW and see more hot teens fucking hard!

Galla and Efrem play some light BDSM during hard sex at Teenburg

December 7th, 2009 Author: tina

Galla loves getting spanked, being tied up and generally being submissive with the right man. Efrem is her Teenburg neighbor and he is always there for her in her times of need. He likes giving this horny girl the spanking she deserves and adores fucking all her holes while she is helpless with her hands tied up. Click here to watch the full movie!


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Today she was feeling very kinky and she called him over for a session of some hot fun. She was waiting for him in her teenage sexy underwear and he came prepared, armed with a wooden kitchen spoon to spank her perfect ass with. Get access to the hottest teen sex action here!

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