Galla and Nikanor – a little tease turns into a hot fuck at Teenburg

October 26th, 2009 Author: tina

Nikanor is visiting his friend Gala and he wants to fuck her. But this slutty Teenburg girl is not giving it away before she teases the boy to the max and makes him horny as hell. She pretends to ignore his advances but soon she too can’t take it anymore and she gives in. Watch the full video, download it here!


9-2 9-3

He licks her firm teen breasts and works his way down to her hot pussy making her moan with pleasure. She gives him a blowjob but they are both ready for some fucking so she lays back and opens her pussy up for his hard cock. Gain download privilidges to the full lenght video!

Iwona and Ioahim have some sensual sex at Teenburg

October 14th, 2009 Author: tina

Iwona is feeling the need for some sensual kissing and she wants her body caressed so she visits her lover Ioahim at his place. These Teenburg teens always have sex on their minds and Ioahim is quick to fulfill his lover’s wish. As soon as she comes in she jumps on the bed next to her man and starts teasing him with her sexy lips. Click here to watch the full movie!


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They undress while kissing and he licks her perfect nipples making her extremely horny. She retorts by sucking on his thick pole and soon they are ready to join into one. They fuck passionately and he blasts her teen body with hot sperm. Get the members only high quality movie!

Greta and Mandel exploring each other’s bodies at Teenburg

October 9th, 2009 Author: tina

Greta has seen Mandel at their college at Teenburg and since she is like all the horny teens from this crazy town, she wants all the hard cock she can get. Click here to download the HD video!


6-2 6-3

She visits Mandel at his room at their college dorm wearing some sexy teenage threads that are very easy to take off and finds him ready to do so. He shows her his cock and she works it into the upright position quickly with her slutty mouth before wrapping her pussy lips around it. They fuck in all the positions they can think of and after she cumms screaming she allows him to unload his sperm on her face and boobs. Get your password to the members area!

Jili and Sem fucking on some comfy green grass at Teenburg

October 3rd, 2009 Author: tina

Jili and Sem can’t get enough of each other and they tend to fuck whenever they are alone and often even with some friends around. This time they are in a park at the outskirts of Teenburg, the city where all sexual dreams quickly become reality. Click here to save the full video to your hard disk!


5-2 5-3

They are just walking but suddenly they figure out that there aren’t any people around them and they start to get horny as hell. They find a small clearing and quickly get naked, kissing each other wildly. They lay on the grass and after some oral pleasuring they fuck each other vigorously enjoying the added thrill that someone might see them. Get access to the hottest teen sex action here!


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