Horny teens arrange their first orgy

May 29th, 2008 Author: admin

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These teens are on a group study when one of the couple started making out in front of their classmates. So the other teens got horny and started to kiss and touch each other! There were only two teen girls and three horny boys from Teenburg, so two boys shared this teen brunette in making her horny by giving her a torrid kiss in the mouth and on her firm tits while their hands are working on her tight pussy.
Check out these teens at Teenburg as they go into another level of hardcore teen fucking. The couple gets busy in touching and kissing and they does not mind their horny classmates as they soon goes into a teen orgy! See the full-length video of these teens at Teenburg as they get into real hardcore fucking!

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Teenage threesome fun!

May 25th, 2008 Author: admin

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Check out these horny teens at Teenburg! They were just at home for a group study when suddenly these horny teen studs got arouse at the sight of the cleavage of their classmate! This teen slut has a huge tits for her age, so you can’t blame these boys if they get horny at the sight of it.
They took off their shirt as well as hers and started kissing her while the boys both touch her all over her body. Her firm tits exposed for the pleasure of her horny classmates. And these boys surely learned a lot in these group study on sex education in threesome!

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Babysitter abused by her boyfriend

May 20th, 2008 Author: admin

Watch these amateur horny teens at Teenburg as they fuck and suck just like professional porn stars! Just like these couple who were left at home to watch over a kid but they ended up watching over each other’s orgasms! They were just asked to babysit the slutty girl’s kid sister but her boyfriend arrived unannounced and got horny of the thought that they were left at the house alone.
He asked her horny girlfriend to take her little sister to sleep and when the kid was asleep they went to the slutty teens room and got wild and naked! The horny boy took her girlfriend and fuck her doggy style as her young tits were shaking in every thrust that her boyfriend makes. Watch these teen couple at Teenburg when they got to the point where they can’t take it any longer and they will have their fresh juices flow out of their young cock and cunt!

She’s a professional rider!

May 11th, 2008 Author: admin

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This teen slut seems to be a professional horse rider, watch her as she straddles her horny boyfriend and give him a sweet hard fuck! He was just there to help her do her homework but this teen slut at eighteen seems to be out of control! Her parents were just upstairs but when she sees the bulge under her boyfriend’s pants, she just lost it all and got naked in front of him. And who can control himself if you see your girlfriend naked in front of you? These teens at Teenburg will show you how teens fuck when they get horny.


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Satisfying their teen passion

May 4th, 2008 Author: admin


I just love the rare treat of getting to see teens fuck for free. Teenburg really delivers with this sexy threesome set the shows three coeds dirty passion taking control of them. They get out of their clothes and down to the business of satisfying their teen passion with a fervor that only belongs to hot young teens.


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